The floor starts to tilt.


She catches her fall against the morgue’s tiled wall, cools her forehead on its icy surface. Her fingers reach hungrily for the Ativan in her pocket and she swallows the pills down dry.


It’s not the freezing temperature that’s making her shake. Nor the drugs – despite what Mark thinks. It’s the deep gash in the shape of a cross on Katherine’s inner thigh. It’s the fact that she’s seen that cut before – on another woman.

 “Richly textured, well crafted and elegantly written. A fully realised female protagonist and supporting cast with smart dialogue and interactions that riff artfully on the emotional interdependence of the women; fragile and flawed but moral and strong when it counts…a highly accomplished work by a highly accomplished writer.”

Arthur Ellis Jury, 2019 Winner for Best Unpublished Manuscript


Lyn McFarlane is a Canadian-Australian writer who splits her time between Sydney, Australia and Vancouver Island. She’s a former freelance journalist and holds degrees in economics, journalism and law. Lyn is a member of the Australian Society of Authors and the Crime Writers of Canada, a graduate of The Faber Academy and a mentee with the Australian Writers’ Mentorship Program. Her debut novel The Scarlet Cross won the 2019 Arthur Ellis “Unhanged” award for best unpublished manuscript, sponsored by the Crime Writers of Canada and Toronto’s Dundurn Press. The Scarlet Cross introduces Meredith Griffin, a young emergency nurse who follows a trail of suspicious deaths that leads her straight to the heart of her own hospital.


The Scarlet Cross is the first book in Lyn McFarlane’s crime trilogy, The Griffin Series.


March 2021

Pantera Press acquires world rights to The Scarlet Cross . Read more here >

May 2019

Lyn McFarlane wins the Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis “Unhanged” Prize (Best Unpublished Manuscript) for her debut novel The Scarlet Cross